Wall Collars 4 pipes
Wall collars work as a barrier for pipes in the wall, especially for floor and wall penetrations, where service pipes or sleeve pipes are cast directly into the concrete.
Wall Collars for Lightning Protection Systems Lightning protection wall collars. with with a flat steel strip or with a steel wire, serve as a water barrier within the foundation.
Flat Steel Strip
Steel Wire
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Wall Collars
Double Wall Collars XL 4 pipes serve as a water barrier for pipelines within the wall, especially for wall penetrations where carrier pipes or wall sleeves are directly cast into the concrete. Wall collars are used when the retrofit application of a wall sleeve or core hole is not possible and no adjustable seal makes sense. The dimensions of the Double Wall Collar XL 4 pipes are made for plastic and flexible corrugated plastic pipes. Hydrostatic sealing of pipeline wall and baseplate penetrations especially in concrete.
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