Signal-Caps 4 pipes
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Documents to download:
Signal-Caps are made to sign and protect valves under streetcaps. In the colour blue, red and yellow.   Individual printing possible for ≥ 200 pcs Available for squared-heads 32 x 32 mm and 14 x 14 mm   Made of high quality elastomeric rubber. Easy to put on an off the square-head.
Signal-Cap 32x32, blue, „Nicht Öffnen“
Signal-Cap 14x14, blue, „Nicht Öffnen“
Signal-Cap 32x32, red, „Nicht Öffnen“
Signal-Cap 14x14, red, „Nicht Öffnen“
Signal-Cap 32x32, blue, „Nicht Schliessen“
Signal-Cap 14x14, yellow, „Nicht Öffnen“