Plug Seal Insert and Conical Sealing Plugs 4 pipes
Plug Seal Insert 4 pipes Plug Seal Insert 4 pipes are developed to seal off annular spaces in wall and ceiling penetrations for pipes and cables. The product is tight against pressing water up to 3 bars. By being completely free of metal parts it can resist chemicals that would corrode metal.
Conical Sealing Plugs 4 pipes Conical Sealing Plugs 4 pipes are designed to seal small diameter pipes and cables in casing pipes against sand and moisture at the open end of the casing. Casing can be e.g. flexible or PVC pipes or core drilled holes. The plug can be used as an open product for retrofit applications.
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There are different rubber qualities available, delivery of smaller quantities is possible if required. Rubber types are defined by color coding. Achieving resistance against present chemicals is nearly always possible due to the large choice of rubbers.
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