Fibercoat Ultra 4 pipes Fibercoat Ultra is a light-curing glass-fiber-reinforced composite plastic which is prelaminated. It is a ready to use product and it offers a waterproof pipe coating for optimum additional mechanical protection, e.g. at hori- zontal drillings.
Mechanical Pipeline Protection
Pipecoat Plus 4 pipes - GRP water-curing Pipecoat Plus (GRP) is a ready to use plastic composite, whose fiber fabric is impregnated with resin and reacts/ activated with water and hardens. Pipecoat-Watercure serves to protect the pipe against specific mechanical loads and is very easy to use on site, as a mixing of components can be omitted. (available in 100 mm or 150 mm width)
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Rock Shield Net 4 pipes The Rock Shield Net is a high quality expanded PE-material, which serves as an additional mechanical protection of pipelines. Its use is recommended for coarse-grained grounds pipelines as well as for underwater pipelines or house connections.
Rock Shield Fleece 4 pipes This is a stapled-fiber-fleece-fabric made out of polypropylene. It protects pipes against mechanical stress, e.g. in stony grounds where a sufficient sand bedding is not available or possible.
Mechanical Pipeline Protection Datasheet PDF Installation video
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