Plastic Casing Spacers 4 pipes System raci Plastic Casing Spacers with ball-shaped skids which have a unique screw-less- connection are mounted very quickly and the flexibility of the elements allows extreme bending. It is easily possible to bundle several pipes to- gether. Further more, there are a many skids which take the pipes load in the casing pipe and to nearby installed pipes. The system also ensures good abrasion resistance and perfect sliding properties. Materials consists of 100% PE and is able to be recycled 100%.
Casing Spacers Casing End Seals
Bolted Casing Spacers 4 pipes Casing Spacer Type KAS - Perfect for pipe OD 98 - 380 mm - Available skid heights: 20, 36, 50, 75, 90, 110 mm - Width 150 mm Casing Spacer Type KMS - Range KMS from OD 400 mm to OD 1200 mm - Available skid heights: 25, 36, 50, 75, 100, 125 mm - Width 160 mm
Steel Casing Spacers - individual 4 pipes Steel Spacers offer individual solutions and answers for pipe installation and implementation of the carrier pipe in casing pipe. The use of Steel Spacer constructions is appropriate where the extreme needs are not met by Plastic Insulators. Steel Insulators are parti- cularly suitable for pipes with high temperatures, large pressure, heavy weights as well as for high skid heights, but also for complicated multi-feed-through. Send us your inquiry.
GRP Fibercoat Ultra Casing Spacers 4 pipes For extreme small annular spaces which do not allow skidhights and usage of standard Plastic Casing Spacers, or in case of an extreme rough and abrasive inner surface of the casing pipe, a casing spacer wrap- ped on the pipe from the Fibercoat Ultra tape material is the ideal, save and easy solution.
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Casing End Seals 4 pipes For safety reasons carrier pipes are frequently installed inside casing pipes. The elastomeric Casing End Seals serves a sealing against moisture and dirt between the casing and carrier pipe, so that the annular space is kept dry in order to reduce the risk of corrosion. Various types of Casing End Seals (single, multiple, conical, separated) are available and constitute a safe, clean and suitable solution for new installation or retrofitting.
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