Magnetic Street-Cap Hammer 4 pipes The magnetic Street-Cap Hammer 4 pipes is a hammer which makes the loosening and lifting of street-caps significantly easy. On one side of the stainless steel shaft, a hammerhead with one sharp side is attached. The tip of the hammer side is perfect to open, lose and leverlifting of the street-caps for valves, under- ground hydrants etc. The other side of the shaft is equipped with a 130 kg alt. 220 kg Power- magnet. The magnet makes the lifting and turning of the streetcaps much more easy than traditional methods.
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Pipe Chamfering Tool 4 pipes The pipe chamfering tool 4 pipes is an innovative and high quality tool for a save chamfering of PE pipe. With a perfect chamfer, PE pipes can be pushed into fittings savely without damaging their inside sealing and connection parts with any sharp edge. In two versions available: For metric dimensions from 20 to 63 mm outside diameter For metric dimensions from 75 to 110 mm outside diameter
Cleaning Strap 4 pipes The Cleaning Strap 4 pipes is designed especially to clean burried ductile iron or steel pipe from heavy crusty outside dirt. Especially before cutting or before e.g. repairclamps, tapping clamps or Multi- joints are put on an old pipe, the Cleaning Strap 4 pipes offers perfect, save and easy manual cleaning possibilities. Two sizes: - Length 1 meter - for pipe DN 65 up to DN 300 - Length 2 meter - for pipe DN 300 up to DN 600
Uni-Key-Adapter 4 pipes The Uni-Key-Adapter is an innovative adapter tool for the actuation of all kinds of valves suchas slides, hydrants, flaps, ball valves etc. Missing, defective or rusted squares, or those with extra- ordinary dimensions are no longer an issue in case of an emergency. Two sizes are available: - the standard size with 80 mm outer diameter for all standard fittings KOS and hydrants - the minimum size of 60 mm for house connection-streetcaps VAS, fitting the standard 27x32 mm head as well
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Cable Duct Fittings 4 pipes - 16 bar water tight and air tight - resistant to corrosion and most chemicals - Couplings with closed endcaps or test vent are available
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