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Important information The tables “Chemical resistance of plastics”, “Plastics and their properties” and “Viscosity of liquids", as well as the information about chemical resistance given in the particular product descriptions, have been drawn up based on information provided by various raw material manufacturers. These values are based solely on laboratory tests with raw materials. Plastic parts manufactured from these materials are often subject to influen- ces that cannot be detected in laboratory tests (temperature, pressure, material stresses, the effect of chemical substances, design features, etc.). For this reason, the values given are only to be regarded as guidelines. In critical cases, it is essential that a test is carried out first. No legal claims can be raised on the basis of this information; nor do we accept any liability for it. Copyright This table has been published and updated by Bürkle GmbH, D-79415 Bad Bellingen as a work of reference. This copyright clause must not be removed. The table may be freely passed on and copied, provided that the reference to the author remains. Extensions, additions and translations If your own experience with materials and substances could be used to extend this table, then we would be pleased to receive any additional information. Please send an email to We would also like to receive translations into other languages. Please visit our website at from time to time. Thanks Our special thanks to Franz Kass (, who has completed and extended these lists with great enthusiasm and his excellent specialist knowledge. Publisher Bürkle GmbH Rheinauen 5 D-79415 Bad Bellingen Tel +49 (76 35) 8 27 95-0 Fax +49 (76 35) 8 27 95-31 . Version 3.6 (15.12.2017)
Chemical Resistance
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