Rubber Support Rings and Casting Rings 4 pipes
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Rubber Support Rings 4 pipes Rubber support- and cover rings are made to protect the annular space between pipe and wall against dirt and moisture inside the building. The rubber ring is made of high quality EPDM elastomer. The conical seal is just pressed into the annular space by hand.
Casting Rings 4 pipes Casting rings 4 pipes are designed to center a sleeve or pipes of a wall penetration system in the wall resp. in a core drilled hole. An additional hole allows the insertion of the mixing nozzle e.g. of the Expando-sealing resin 4 pipes to be filled into the annular space. The rings are tight against upcoming PU-foam, but allow the deventilation of the air. Made of high quality EPDM hardness Shore A 50°±.
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Rubber Support Ring
Casting Ring