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H2 Indikator Tape 4 pipes
Nitto DX2106H Hydrogen Detection Tape enables visual hydrogen gas leak detection by exhibiting a permanent colour change upon contact with hydrogen gas. - Tape changes colour, from amber to black within about - 10 seconds when exposed to H2 (depending on the flow - rate, temperature, time and percentage of hydrogen) - Provides an additional monitoring level for detecting gas - leaks and reduces detection time by making it easier to - find leaks - Is highly sensitive and can detect hydrogen leaks that - contain only 1% H2 concentration - DX-2106H will not return to its original colour after - exposure to hydrogen gas - Easy to use; applied like usual adhesive tape - Can be used in most indoor or outdoor environments - Usage of the tape greatly shortens the time needed to - detect a leak compared to conventional portable or - stationary sensors - Less influenced by wind, position, duration, skill - levels, etc. - Easy to install and check on vertical surfaces and the - underside of pipes
Before and after contact with hydrogen
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